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Mission statement

Rural Ireland has suffered greatly from the austerity policies since 2008, these policies have compounded the long term decline of rural communities. Issues such as the lack of vital infrastructure, the emigration of young people, the increasingly peripheral economic status of rural communities, and the difficulties facing family farms threaten the very survival of rural communities.

The so called recovery has not been seen in rural towns and villages instead the impact of austerity policies is being compounded by government policies which copper fasten austerity policies and deprive rural Ireland of vital investment.

Beyond the Pale Ireland is a platform for the discussion of the issues facing rural communities, we believe that the only way to secure a sustainable future for rural Ireland is to place rural communities at the heart of any political debate about rural Ireland. To do this the people who make up these communities must be listened to and encouraged to engage with political discussions that but the needs of communities above GDP growth or private profit .

We welcome participation from all those interested in ensuring that rural communities do not suffer further decline, we recognise that unequal economic growth is detrimental to the needs   of rural communities. The current system has created the crisis facing rural Ireland, a radical shift in policy is needed to reverse the effects of this policy on rural Ireland. Beyond the Pale Ireland is committed to promoting this policy shift.

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