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Editorial guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all contributions and comments to beyond the pale.

  1. While we have writers providing coverage of a wide range of topics, we welcome and accept submissions from all interested groups and individuals on any topic related to rural Ireland.
  2. News and opinion pieces of varying lengths are accepted for publication, however the preferred length is between 1,000 and 3,000 words. Longer or shorter pieces will be considered by the editors.
  3. Contributors are invited to submit pieces on a diverse range of issues included but not limited to rural development, economics, historical pieces, environmental issues, agriculture & fisheries policy.
  4. Beyond the Pale is a platform for left wing, alternative, people first politics, this should be reflected in the content of pieces. The editorial board reserve the right to reject unsuitable articles.
  5. Á fáilte roimh aistí trí Ghaeilge ar ábhar ar bith i bpointe 3
  6.  Beyond the Pale operates a strict anti hate speech policy, any comments containing hate speech will be deleted by the editors

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